How quickly can you think of a word that begins with the letter “O” when the one of diamonds is turned over? How about a word that begins with the letter “S”when a seven of clubs is turned over? This is a fun card game that will get everyone thinking.


Number of players:

The game works best when played in small groups of 3 to 10 players.


The object of the game is to win the most cards.


• All you need is a standard deck of 52 cards.

• Have players sit in a circle around a table.

Playing the game:

1. Shuffle the cards and deal them one at a time facedown until each player has four cards.

2. The first player begins the game by saying, “I looked through the window and saw....” Before finishing the sentence, the player turns up one of their four cards so all players can see it.

3. Each player, including the player turning up the card, tries to name an animal, object, or place that begins with the same letter as the card shown. For example, if the card is an ace of spades, players might call out, Alaska, apple, or antelope. If the card is a 4 of diamonds, they might say France, frog, or furnace. Players cannot say the name of the card. In other words, they cannot say one for a 1 card or queen for a queen. Examples include:

  • One card – oak, Ontario, Oakland, onion, ocean, Oktoberfest, October, octave, orbit, etc.
  • Seven card – sister, salsa, salad, soup, school, scissors, scarf,
  • Switzerland, squid, etc.
  • Queen card – quarter, quarry, Quebec, quilt, quartz, quill, quintuplet, quiche, quail, etc.
  • King card – kidney, kite, kit, knee, knife, kickoff, kiln, Kansas, Kentucky, etc.

Tip: Be prepared to cue the group by announcing the letter after the card is turned over.

4. The first player to call out a correct word takes the card. The turn now goes to the player to the dealer’s left. That player then says, “I looked through the window and saw...” and flips over one of their four cards for all to see.

5. During play, players cannot use a word that has already been used to capture a card. For example, if a player uses Florida to capture a 4, players cannot use Florida again to capture a 5. Tip: Keep a list of words that have been used.

6. Only nouns count. For example, funny or fancy would not count.

7. Each player creates a captured card pile that is separate from their originally dealt cards.

8. Play continues in the same way, with each player taking a turn until all the cards originally dealt have been turned up and captured.

Winning the game:

The player who captures the most cards is declared the winner.


  • Deal players five cards for longer games.
  • Play several rounds. However, players cannot use words from previous rounds.
  • Play with large playing cards. Hold up one card at a time, and anyone in the group can be the first to respond.
Group Size Time of Day Duration Acuity Level
Small (2 - 4)
Medium (5 - 8)
As Needed Assisted Living
Skilled Nursing/Rehab
Facilitator Gender
Any Coed
Wellness Domains

Social, Intellectual

  • a standard deck of cards
  • table
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