Grab some free weights and get ready to exercise! Students are encouraged to use light weights (1, 2, or 3 pounds) for some seated resistance training for the upper body. In addition, standing exercises are included to strengthen the core and lower body bones and muscles.


This class begins with a seated body warmup with specific attention to the hands and wrists because students will be holding light weights (suggesting 1, 2, or 3 pounds). By keeping the amount of weight on the lighter side, students can maintain the full range of motion in the upper body joints. this is about maintaining and enhancing functional movement in the body. Lower body exercises are also included but no weights are required. Exercises are organized in reputations of 5 or 10 with posture and breathing cues offered. Alternating upper and then lower body activities often helps reduce over use and fatigue in any one part of the body. The class ends with a few general stretches.

Group Size Time of Day Duration Acuity Level
Medium (5 - 8) Morning
30 minutes Assisted Living
Independent Living
Long-term Care
Memory Care
Facilitator Gender
Any Coed
Wellness Domains




Free weights


Health & Fitness

Good For

Anxiety, Dementia, Depression, Isolation

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