This exercise class helps older students maintain or increase their physical strength and balance to enhance their everyday function . Each class includes seated exercises using resistance (exercise band or hand weights) and standing exercises with balance support from a chair. Students are encouraged to participate fulling in each exercise and modifications are offered as needed.


Class begins with a general seated warm up. Next, upper body strength exercises are performed using resistance with exercise bands or light hand weights, using reps of 5 or 10. Lighter resistance encourages the full use of the joint which is encouraged. Seated leg exercises are interspersed to give the upper body a rest as needed. Standing exercises, while students use the chair for support, focus on developing strength in the hips, knees, ankles and feet. Bringing awareness to a relaxed yet upright posture is also a focus when students perform the standing balance exercises.

Group Size Time of Day Duration Acuity Level
Medium (5 - 8) Morning
30 minutes Assisted Living
Independent Living
Memory Care
Facilitator Gender
Any Coed
Wellness Domains




hand weights

resistance bands


Health & Fitness

Good For

Anxiety, Depression, Isolation, Mobility Loss

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