Shine Your Light is a 5-week celebration designed to illuminate the industry with creative care and celebrate activity and life enrichment professionals and their residents. Beginning January 25, each week a new guide including prompts for creative conversations and suggestions for engaging activities will be made available. These guides will inspire participants to find joy and meaning through creative engagement and support them towards creating a final “celebration of light”.


Download the guide and try the three activities. Every guide in the 5-week Shine Your Light program can be printed off, or used virtually to access links that are included to support your facilitation. Share your work with us on social media using the hashtags #ShineYourLight and #ActivitiesStrong. You may also tag @TimeSlipsCreativeCare so that we can see your work and share it as inspiration to our network.

Group Size Time of Day Duration Acuity Level
1 on 1
Small (2 - 4)
Medium (5 - 8)
Large (8+)
Any As Needed Assisted Living
Independent Living
Long-term Care
Memory Care
Skilled Nursing/Rehab
Facilitator Gender
Programming Coed
Wellness Domains

Social, Emotional, Intellectual


More info on Shine Your Light: More info on TimeSlips:


Art, DIY & Crafts, Family, Music, Other

Good For

Anxiety, Dementia, Depression, Isolation


These guides were intended to be done 1-on-1, or in small, socially distanced groups. There are many modifications that can be made based on the ability level. We mention many tips in the guides, but other tips will be offered in the weekly Facebook live videos on the Linked Senior page. Please also note that we purposefully considered a variety of artistic mediums in each guide. That is because some might thrive with crafting activities, and other music or movement. We hope there is something for everyone in these guides. One of the goals of these guides is to promote a sense of community in places where physical and social distancing is still required.

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