Avoid rolling sixes during this fast-paced dice game and you’ll win.


Number of players: This game works best with groups of 2 to 8 players.


  • 6 dice
  • Cup for rolling dice
  • Dice tray or sturdy box lid
  • Whiteboard and dry-erase marker
  • Table(s) large enough to accommodate players comfortably

Object of the game:

Score the most points by rolling the fewest sixes.

Game on: 

  1. Place all six dice in the rolling cup. Shake and roll them out into a dice tray or box lid.
  2. Look to see if any sixes were rolled. If there are no sixes, add up the face value of all six dice. This is the player’s score for the first round.
  3. If any sixes are rolled, the player sets them aside and rolls the remaining dice. 
  4. The player continues until no sixes are rolled. The face value of the remaining dice is the player’s score for that round. 
  5. Write the score under the player’s name on a whiteboard. 
  6. It’s possible to score zero points in a round. If a player is down to one die and rolls a six their score will be zero. The highest score possible in a single round is 30 points. (You score 30 points if you roll all fives.) 
  7. The dice are passed to the next player until everyone has taken a turn. This is considered one round. 
  8. Play six rounds. Add up each player’s total points at the end of the sixth round. 
  9. Declare the player with the most points the winner. 


Give an honorable mention to any player with a final score of 66.

Group Size Time of Day Duration Acuity Level
Small (2 - 4)
Medium (5 - 8)
Any 30 minutes Assisted Living
Independent Living
Long-term Care
Memory Care
Skilled Nursing/Rehab
Facilitator Gender
Programming Coed
Wellness Domains

Social, Intellectual

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