Liven up any season by turning an adult coloring page into a colorful, hanging ornament.

  1. Color an adult coloring page of choice using pencils or markers.
  2. Draw 9 vertical lines that are about 3/4" apart going down the sheet of paper. In the middle of each line use the hole punch to make a hole on both the top and bottom of the page.
  3. Follow your guidelines and cut the page into 10 strips of paper.
  4. Stack the strips and put paper fasteners through the holes on the top and bottom.
  5. Fan out the strips and add string on top for hanging.
Group Size Time of Day Duration Acuity Level
1 on 1
Any 30 minutes Assisted Living
Long-term Care
Memory Care
Skilled Nursing/Rehab
Facilitator Gender
Any Coed
Wellness Domains

Social, Physical, Emotional


• Adult coloring page (You can find many choices at • Colored pencils or markers • Ruler • Scissors • Hole punch • Two 3/4" paper fasteners • String



Good For

Anxiety, Dementia, Depression, Hearing Loss, Isolation


Dementia Employ task segmentation. Provide cueing and use the hand-over-hand method as needed. If cutting and using hole punch is too complex, have person color design and/or fan out the strips. Covid-19 For a group activity, use a room large enough to accommodate social distancing. Make sure everyone has their own set of coloring utensils and scissors. Or, have the facilitator do the cutting. For a one-on-one program, bring materials to the room. Sanitize markers and scissors after using.

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