o   Opening/Introductions o    Hello! My name is Emma, and this is Julia and today we will be leading you in an activity called, “Give Thanks and Macramé” o   Explanation about gratitude, etc. o   Gratitude is important because it helps us to realize all of the great things and opportunities we have been given in life. In today’s activity we will be incorporating gratitude into the creation of our wall hangings. We will be passing around three wooden beads to each individual throughout the activity that you can use to decorate your wall hangings with. Each time we pass out a bead you will have the opportunity to say aloud within your small group one thing that you are grateful for. An example of gratitude is being thankful for the great friends that you have! o   Explanation/demonstration of Macramé o   Macramé is the process of creating a textile or in this activity wall hangings using various knotting techniques. Everyone that would like to participate in this activity has a dowel rod, some long pieces of string, and two pieces of scotch tape. o   First, we are going to take our two pieces of tape and tape down both sides of the dowel rod to the table. We want to make sure the dowel rod will stay put but we also want enough space between the dowel rod and the table so we can fit a finger in that space. o    Next, we are going to show you a short video clip to inspire you and give you some ideas about different knots and designs that you can use to create your wall hanging. o   Activity time o   We will keep the knot demonstration video playing in the background for a visual aid. We will also be around to pass out the gratitude beads and answer any questions!


Preparation: o   Gathering supplies o   Cotton rope (craft store), dowel rods (craft store), beads (TR closet), tape (TR closet) o   Preparation of supplies o   Cutting rope, printing off visual aids, two pieces of tape per spot o   Preparation of room o   Set up tables and chairs to face the front of the room §  Position chairs so all participants can see the facilitators o   Pass out supplies to each table/spot   Before: o   What do you know about gratitude? o   What does gratitude mean to you? During: o   What are you grateful for and why? After (Debrief Questions): o   Now that the activity is over, have your views of gratitude changed? If yes, how? o   How can you implement what you have learned about gratitude today into you daily life? o   Has anyone ever done macramé before this activity? o   What was something that an individual in your group was thankful for? o   Was anyone at your table thankful for the same thing that you were? If so, what? o   How did you feel after saying what you were grateful for? o   What were some challenges of this activity? o   Did talking about being grateful help you overcome any of these challenges? o   How could the discussion about gratefulness help you overcome challenges in your life? o   What was something that you found helpful during this activity? o   What were your feelings immediately after completing your macramé wall hanging?   Space/Room Recommended: o   Cafeteria or large conference room (with tables and chairs) Limitations: o   Arthritic/stiff hands, fingers, or joints o   Difficulty with fine motor skills o   Difficulty gripping and grasping

Group Size Time of Day Duration Acuity Level
Large (8+) Any 30 minutes Assisted Living
Independent Living
Long-term Care
Memory Care
Skilled Nursing/Rehab
Facilitator Gender
Any Coed
Wellness Domains



o   Twenty 1/4inch(diameter) by 12inches (length) wooden dowel rods o   Two 500ft spools of cotton rope o   One role of scotch tape o   Decorative wooden beads o   Printed visual aids/pictures of diagrams of various knots o   AV to view demo knot video

Supporting Research

Simon, H. B. (2018). Giving thanks can make you happier. Harvard Men's Health Watch,



Good For



Level 1 -Basic level knot sequences -Medium rope length -Thicker rope for grasping -Fewer strands of rope Level 2 -Moderate level knot sequences -Long rope length -More strands of rope Level 3 -Harder level knot sequences -Long rope length -More strands of rope

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