Have non-competitive car races with a remote-control car.


Use small plastic cones, books, and other household objects to build an obstacle course appropriate for a remote-control car. Pick a space that people don’t need to walk through. Make sure there is an open stretch of floor at least six feet long. Position chairs on either side of the course and place one chair at the beginning of the course. (The person who is taking a turn can choose to stand or sit in the chair.) Let people take turns racing the car through the obstacles, trying not to knock them over. Or race the clock and keep track of how long it takes for the car to finish the race.

Group Size Time of Day Duration Acuity Level
Small (2 - 4)
Medium (5 - 8)
As Needed Assisted Living
Facilitator Gender
Any Men
Wellness Domains

Social, Physical

  • Remote-control car
  • Plastic cones
  • Books and/or other household objects
Supporting Research


Games, Sports, Transportation

Good For

Depression, Hearing Loss, Isolation


Dementia Provide cuing as needed Covid-19 For group activity, use room large enough to accommodate social distancing. Disinfect remote controls between each use.

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