This program uses circles in a variety of ways to create artwork. Circles are cut from different colors, in different sizes and textures. Dot paint tools can also be used in circle art. Here are 3 examples

1.  Multi-level circle collage

2. Circle creations

3. Circle dot art

"It's not about the circles, it is what happens when choosing and manipulating the circles that count." This program connects to the life of the person through circles.


1.  Circle collage-cut, use Cricut machine or purchase circle of different colors and in at least 3 sizes:  5-6" diameter, 4"diameter, 2-3" diameter. Each participant will need one of each size. Ask each participant to choose the color for their largest circle. Continue with the next 2 sizes, choosing a different color each time.  Glue the 3 circles together, largest to smallest. On a large foam board, guide each participant to position their 3 level circle onto the board, making a collage.  Overlapping is good as well. Name the creation! Discuss the art. Ask for their opinion. What do they see in it? What colors do they prefer?

2. Circle creations-You will need 8-10 circles of different colors for each participant. Each participant will need a piece of card stock paper on which to glue the circles. Guide the participants to move the circles around and create a picture. A few examples from my circle art groups include: reminiscing about an orange orchard, using a circular saw to cut down trees, a pet dog, and the colors of her ethnic flag. This is an engagement activity to connect to the participants life story through circles.

3. Using dot paint markers, participants can fill in a predesigned template, put flowers on predesigned stems or create their own designs.

Group Size Time of Day Duration Acuity Level
Medium (5 - 8) Morning
1 hour Memory Care
Facilitator Gender
Programming Coed
Wellness Domains

Social, Emotional, Intellectual


Teacher supply stores for the shapes/circles

Cricut machine

Craft stores



Good For

Dementia, Depression, Hearing Loss, Vision Loss


Each person has their own supplies and works at different tables

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