Using pictures from different artists, participants reproduce/paint their version. The artist for this activity is Leonid Afremov. His work is very colorful, lacks details and is nature-based. Watch the you tube here

Participants are given a choice of tree trunks as the foundation for their artwork. The leaves are then painted with a variety of tools, Q-tips worked the best! Round "dabbers," the end of a pencil or dot paints can also be used.

This can be repeated for different seasons. Blue background with white snowflakes for winter.




Using the work of Afremov, select the painting to show.  Discuss the use of color. How does it make you feel?

Have several copies available.

Use watercolor paper, water colors or acrylics. Give each participant a piece of paper. Ask them to select their "tree trunk." Glue this to the paper.  Tape the paper down if necessary, use water color sets or put acrylic paints into a palette. Secure this to the table.

Do not use any container that looks like a cup or could be misinterpreted for drinking. Monitor for safety for participants with dementia.

Pass out Q-tips (adapt as necessary building up handle, securing to a longer paint brush etc).

Play soft music or the music from the you tube video.

Have wet cloths available for clean up.

Title and sign the work.

Place on card stock backing or make a mat/frame to display.


Group Size Time of Day Duration Acuity Level
Medium (5 - 8) Morning 1 hour Skilled Nursing/Rehab
Facilitator Gender
Programming Coed
Wellness Domains

Social, Emotional, Intellectual


you tube videos of famous artists to adapt.


Supporting Research

"I remember better when I paint" video



Good For

Anxiety, Depression, Hearing Loss


masks worn, spaced apart at tables

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