Journaling has known benefits but starting a journal can be daunting. Writing just 10 words a day sets people up for success and helps turn journaling into a habit.


Challenge a group to journal just 10 words a day for 10 days in a row.

  • Provide examples of 10-word journal entries. Make up your own or use some of these:
    • It’s hard to get out of bed in the cold.
    • I was up half the night reading a mystery book.
    • Decaf coffee just makes me want to scream at someone.
  • Give people about two minutes to write.
  • Encourage people not to overthink it and to try to get as close to 10 words as possible.
  • Remind them that brevity is key to this style of journaling. If anyone is really stuck, give them a cue such as “Write 10 women’s names that start with the letter N” or “Write down a pet peeve.”
Group Size Time of Day Duration Acuity Level
Any Any 15 minutes Assisted Living
Facilitator Gender
Any Coed
Wellness Domains

Social, Physical, Emotional

  • Notebooks
  • Pens/pencils


Good For

Anxiety, Depression, Isolation



Cue a person and write down what the person says. If necessary, provide these prompts:

  • I like it when...
  • I couldn't imagine living without...
  • Today I feel...

For a group activity, use a room large enough to accommodate social distancing. For a one-on-one program, bring materials to room.

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